Specialist Programs



At EFS R-6 students use a wide range of digital hardware and software. Use of IPads, desktops, laptops, 3D printers, robots, simple electronics and programming software such as Scratch are used by students as we develop student skills and understandings. Every classroom has an interactive board or touch screen, a classroom IPad, and access to a class set of laptops with access to the latest in Google Education such as Google Classroom, also used by specialist teachers across the curriculum. We embrace the challenges of provision of new devices both for students and staff for teaching and learning.

Music, Dance and Drama

In the Eastern Fleurieu School, R-6 students have access to all art forms as appropriate to their level of development. The Arts are accessed through classroom programs and across the R-6 curriculum.

Music, Dance and Drama (The Performing Arts) as specialist Subjects are offered to junior and primary students across all Campuses. Students are involved in a program that intergrates Dance, Drama and Music. Performing Arts education involves students in making and responding to what they and others make. They develop aural skills as they learn to play, sing and perform in tune and in time. They explore empathy and dramatic action as they develop characters and perform devised or scripted drama. They develop fundamental movement and choreographic skills as they perform and create dance sequences. The Performing Arts can help students to discover and improve their capacity for creativity, it can help build and strengthen their identity, their self-esteem and contribute to cognitive growth. 

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is offered to students in years Reception to Year 6 at Ashbourne and Strathalbyn campuses. Through this program, the students experience visual arts through art, craft and design, by learning to be makers and creators, critics and theorists, and exhibit to a wide range of audiences. Students achieve this through participating in activities which include drawing, sculpture, textiles, painting, collage, assemblage, design/graphics, movie making and printmaking. More information about the program can be obtained by contacting Paul Steele at the Strathalbyn R-6 campus.

Physical Education

At all our R-6 sites all students acces physical education as a specialist subject. Our PE teachers work with each class for 50 minutes each week and develop a wide range of physical and social skills with the students. The development of coordination across all year levels facilitates the development of academic skills and compliments the classroom programs. The Physical Education teacher will report on the strand of Movement and Physical Activity. Information about our physical education teacher or classroom teachers at the campus. The Physical Education program at Eastern Fleurieu is complimented by a strong and successful inter-school SAPSASA sport and Pedal Prix programs.