Governing Council (GC) has joint responsibility with the Principal for the governance of our school by setting the school’s broad direction and vision, developing, approving and reviewing policies, determining the application of the budget, presenting plans and reports to the school community and Minister, working with site leaders and staff to improve learning outcomes for our students, engaging and representing the school community, ensuring the cultural and social diversity of our sites and local community are considered when making decisions, and monitoring and reporting on achievements.

In partnership with the Principal and the school Executive Leadership team, our GC is focussed on strengthening the financial sustainability of our school, embracing a framework to ensure decision making is clear and transparent, our communication tools and processes are inclusive of everyone, and warmly embracing our smaller campuses to encourage and promote a unified school community. 

Underlining all GC decisions is a very strong focus on not only student outcomes and student involvement in decision making, but also on building capacity for the future in our students and our teaching cohort.

Your EFS GC has diverse community representation. Elections are held every year and appointments are for 2 year terms, with half the council positions vacant each year.   

Whilst membership of Governing Council takes time and dedication, the reward is that members play an important role influencing decisions that ultimately impact all aspects of our children’s learning environment. 

To view the Department for Education (DfE) information regarding Governing Councils please click here.

Campus Advisory Committee (CAC)
EFS Campus Advisory Committee Terms of Reference