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Eastern Fleurieu Radio (EFR)

Written and produced by students of EFS 7-12 campus and released weekly.

'The Life Lab' with Emily Bouts

Join Emily Bouts as she delves deep into the issues, past times and passions of the young people in our community. Each week Emily is joined by a special guest to discuss a range of interesting topics and to even give it a go.

Episode 1: Ewe Boys and Bedazzled Beef

Em sits down with Cody "Beno" Benson and Cody "Duggie" Dugmore to talk all things Agriculture.

Episode 2: Young Citizen of the Year (Alexandrina)

Em sits down with Alexandrina Council's Young Citizen of the Year award winner, Ebony Brackstone, to talk about her volunteer work in providing young people with a voice in Strathalbyn and Goolwa.

Episode 3: Berry Street

Angelina sits down with Mr. Taylor (wellbeing leader 7-12) and talks all things Berry Street and what it means for the young people at EFS.

Episode 4: Student/Muso/Teacher

Em sits down with former EFS student turned EFS teacher and part-time muso, Mrs. Nicole Rodda to talk all things music. From starting out to getting gigs, Mrs. Rodda takes us on a very quick trip through her musical journey.

Episode 5: Dangerous Female

Emily sits down with Ms. Maguire to talk all things Feminism; from dispelling the myths, lies and misconceptions to new ways ways in which young women are feeling empowered in 2020. It's a fun, fast and informative chat, and oh so important!

'Havin' a Yarn' with Duggie and Beno

Each week the boys sit down with staff and students who do awesome stuff outside of school.

Episode 1: Marathon Men

Duggie and Beno interview Mr. Haylock and Mr. Rowe on their passion for marathon running and explore the highs and lows, ins and outs, of this absolutely gruelling contest.

Episode 2: Jack of all trades, master of none

Duggie and Beno sit down Mr. Taylor and explore his filmmaking side hustle. From the creative process to gratituous violence and dodgy stunt work.

Episode 3: Havin' a Yarn with Mr. Kent

Duggie and Beno sit down with EFS Principal Mr. Kent to talk about life before schools! From wild adventures on the high seas to the dangers of logging in the South East. 

'The Weekly Wrap' 

Join Duggie and Beno as they provide a short, sharp and (occasionally) funny look at the week that’s been at EFS.

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